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The Auth of the Influencer Marketing Ninja. Oh YEAH!

These are the eight values that I have stumbled upon while practicing business that employs the Influencer Marketing Strategy. You can read more about what that means further below. Or, if you are ready to take the AUTH then…

Repeat after me in a loud and confident voice: 

  • I will always be Authentic 
  • I will provide VALUE to anyone around me
  • I will CONNECT people with one another
  • I will LISTEN to what’s being said and respond with interest
  • I will CARE about people’s growth and the details around it
  • I will RESEARCH for the right solution before jumping to a conclusion
  • I will VALIDATE what works for people and morph my plans accordingly
  • I will invest an additional 10% of effort too all that I do, in order to make it more SCALABLE

Why should I care about the AUTH?

Those 8 values are going to make the world respond back to you. Let’s go deeper to understand them and also, set the expectations on how you can expect me to implement them too with you. That way – you could make sure that you understood what THE AUTH means through an example from my 3 businesses. But first things first. My name is Ziv Raviv and I am here to walk with you and walk you through Influencer Marketing. I am merely three steps ahead of you on this topic, tops.

Who are you Ziv Raviv?

I am a serial entrepreneur at the beginning stage of my journey. While I already created enough wealth to support my family, to own a home and to travel the world twice a year, I am not rich financially. So why bother reading right? Well, it’s because of my super power. I know how to share knowledge on a topic I am passionate about and have a good eye for finding out what gets results. I run three businesses with a team of virtual and non virtual assistants and would love to bring you up to speed with what I discover through this blog. 

Business 1 - Local

I have a business called Zivi Kivi that provides an entertainment service for birthdays. This business creates an income of about $60-80k a year, which is quite enough to raise a family like my own, with three kids. The business is located in Israel, where I live. The business model is Time & Material basically

Business 2 - Podcaster

My second business is a Content Business. It revolves around helping Balloon Artists worldwide in growing their businesses through education. I have online courses, a membership site and a team of 6 talented individuals helping me. This business creates $100k per year. Oh yeah BABY

Business 3 - Blogger

I am a big believer in creating platforms around you that allows you to bring value to people. This blog, the Influencer Marketing Ninja is one more example. I share all that I learn on the topic of Influencer Marketing in here and make sure I am three steps ahead so that you will care to stay

OK. Got it. Now what?

Diving deeper into the core values of the Influener Marketing Ninja

The 8 CORE Values


The best way to express authenticity is to be self-aware of what you represent and what your core values are. Then, sticking to who you are makes you sound authentic. With influencers this is a key aspect and it can mean the difference between someone opening your emails or not


On ALL times when you are talking or in any connection with another human being – try to give them value, and make it about giving them MORE value than they give you. If you give 51% or even more, on the long run Karma kicks in and you begin to get people’s attention faster and more efficiently


In order to use Influencer Marketing you also need to be influencial yourself and one great way to do so is to make other connect to one another. This can be done to solve ones person’s problem, to help people hook up with a new Master Mind Group Buddy or even just because some people fit each other


So often, unfortunately, we go into a conversation (or a chat, or an email correspondance) while knowing in advance what we want to say. STOP IT. Listen carefuly. Ask great questions. So much valueble information will be shared with you if you make it a habbit to really listen


When you care about people’s growth they tend to like having you around. They like talking to you, talking about you and they don’t take your requests as business but rather as friendship. Don’t request often. Make constant deposits to your emotional bank through caring


Something funny happens when you employ Influencers in your marketing. You suddenly get exposed to awesome ideas you couldn’t even imagine in the first place. Dig deeper! Try to find out the perfect solution to any problem and don’t be afraid to find its already made. Make it better


If Content is Kind and Design is Queen, then Data is the Emperror of your online business kingdom. You must be profficient with data collection tools and know how to assess whats right and whats wrong. Validation is done on a daily basis and continues even when you found something that works


If you don’t mind me saying, I consider the 10% principle kinda my private secret sauce. Well it’s not private anymore as I will be using this blog to talk about this phenomena and how to leverage it to create scalable solutions around you. This will apply to business, to your customers and to life

I particularily like the 8th one. The 10% Principle is easy to implement and makes so much busines sense

Marketing is a Marathon. Not a sprint.


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